Giles Hardie

Giles Hardie is the Managing Editor of He can be seen on Mornings on the Nine Network and covering arts and entertainment on ABC News 24; heard talking film and television on ABC 702 Evenings, 4BC Brisbane Weekends and KOFM Newcastle Breakfast radio shows; and read in publications including, and The New Daily.

Giles Hardie is one of the leading film critics and entertainment journalists in Australia.

Formerly the Entertainment Editor for he possesses a great knowledge of the Entertainment industry and audiences.

Giles' involvement in the television and film industry extends back more than twenty years and encompasses extensive work both behind and in front of the camera.

As an entertainment reporter Giles has established a reputation for a quick wit, fantastic conversational style and incisive topic knowledge. 

A sought after talking head, Giles appears regularly on television and radio discussing the latest film releases and news. Giles is also a skilled interviewer in both live and recorded environments, often directly requested by international stars and industry icons.

Over the last decade, Giles has refined his award winning communication skills as a professional writer. As a wordsmith for hire, his razor-sharp pen has run the gamut of literal expression from exclusive celebrity interviews to complex industry analysis, television comedy scripts to political commentary pieces, video game reviews to corporate copywriting. 

Presently working on three books, his writing can be found in a variety of publications as well as in pull quotes on movie ads, posters and buses around the country.

He has also been arrested with the Chaser, produced daytime television and subtitled films about drills, without any regrets, embarrassment or lasting side effects.

With an additional experience set that includes professional MC work, corporate strategy and amateur parenting, Giles brings a passion, intelligence and humour to all of his work that is only heightened by his ability to write so humbly about himself in the third person